Hyderabad Peaceful during Curfew Relaxation

During two hours relaxation of curfew in the riot-hit parts of Hyderabad, the situation in the old city remained peaceful, said media reports.

Thousands of residents, living under curfew for last three days, came out of their homes and bought essential commodities, said reports.

During relaxation from 8 to 10 am, people were seen standing in long queues outside grocery shops, milk booths and medical stores, reports said.

Reports said that no untoward incident was reported during the relaxation.

Though police had announced prior to relaxation that women and men above 50 will be permitted to come out for buying essential commodities, a large number of youth were also seen shopping in some areas like Bahadurpura as police could not strictly enforce the restrictions, reports said.

According to reports, traders drew full mileage of the situation selling essential commodities at exorbitant prices, with milk being sold at Rs 100 a litre and vegetables Rs 50 per kg in some areas.

The government had made some arrangements to supply milk and vegetables but they proved inadequate, reports said.

Curfew will be relaxed from 11 am to 1 pm in areas falling under the limits of eight other police stations in the old parts of the city.

Police Commissioner AK Khan said there would be no relaxation in eight police station areas of the new city where curfew was imposed on Tuesday night after communal clashes.

(Based on internet reports)

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