Hussain Eager to Return, Awaits Govt’s Call

With government planning to move the Supreme Court for fast disposal of all cases against him, the renowned painter MF Hussain has said that he is prepared to return to India at the earliest.

The painter, who is on a self-imposed exile, said that he “wholeheartedly” welcomes the government’s step, for it will put to an end litigations against him arising out of his paintings.

“If right now I get a call from Chidambaram (Union Home Minister), I will take the first flight to India and congratulate him that the Government has done really good,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.

Reports said that Home Ministry thinks that cases filed against Husain across the country over his disputed paintings should be brought to a logical conclusion and that the central government was considering to approach the Supreme Court for the fast disposal of cases to ensure his early return.

“I am glad that they have woken up. I think this is great news which I was dreaming about for four years. I was expecting this for a long time,” said the 94-year-old painter, who has repeatedly expressed his wish to return to India.

Needlessly to mention, Husain, who faces protests and threats from saffron outfits due to his paintings depicting Hindu deities in the nude, has been living in Dubai and London for the past few years.

Asked whether he was approached by anyone from the Government on his possible return, Husain said, “nothing. Not a word…”

However, he made it clear that there was no ban on him from any quarter. “There is no ban on me, nothing,” he said.

The Delhi High Court in May last year had quashed some of the criminal proceedings against the nonogenarian painter, saying his paintings were an expression of creativity.

Husain said the fresh indications from authorities were a “positive sign” and expressed trust in the Government’s ability to protect him.

“If they decide to do it they can, because it is a huge big country and a great country,” he said.

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