Hockey Player Prabhjot Apologies for Showing Finger to Crowd

Senior India Hockey player Prabhjot Singh has expressed apology for his indecent gesture, showing his middle finger to a section of crowd, during the hockey World Cup, reported PTI.

On March 12, following India’s defeat against Aregentina, the player had heated moments with some fans near the eastern stand and showed to them his finger. Later, Hockey India served on him a show-cause notice.

In his response, Prabhjot said that he lost his cool when some fans started abusing his family members, report said.

“Firstly, I would like to apologize that an inappropriate picture of mine was published in the Times of India on March 13, 2010. The incident that happened was a result of a series of events.

“A particular group of people supporting the opposition team had been regularly staying back after every match and passing lewd comments about me and the team during our cool down sessions.

“I had ignored their provocative behavior during the previous matches. However, during our last match, they started passing lewd comments on my family, me and the team during our cool down session. In addition to this they started showing provocative gestures and became derogatory.

“In the heat of the moment, I revolted to protect me and my family’s integrity and unfortunately this was picked up by the media. I apologize for the incident,” he was quoted as saying in his reply, according to Hockey India, said report.

However, Prabhjot said that he would shun doing anything in future which was shameful to him and the team, said report.

“Please be assured that I am committed towards Hockey and have given my entire life and devotion for this game and do not intend to bring the game or the National Hockey Team in disrespect,” Prabhjot was quoted as saying in his response to the show-cause notice.

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