HC Prohibits Telecast of Governor’s Alleged Sex Clips

Issuing an injunction, a division bench of the Andhra Pradesh high court has prohibited a private TV channel from telecasting explicit clippings supposedly of the 85-year-old state governor ND Tiwari in bed with three young women.

The court issued the instruction while hearing a PIL, which was filed even as the TV channel relayed the images on Christmas morning, shocking people. Till the court order reached the Telugu channel, the images had already been aired for nearly an hour.

The images showed an old man, supposedly Tiwari, with no trousers and a shirt pulled up to the neck with three naked women in bed, one of them at his legs and others on his upper half. One of the women is said to be seven months pregnant, another aged 18.

Reports said that Radhika, a woman from Uttarakhand, claimed that she had sent these women to the Raj Bhavan on Tiwar’s request through a Raj Bhavan official. She was quoted as saying by media that the octogeneranian’s appetite for women is insatiable: he would ask for women in the middle of the night and also seek after-lunch sessions.

In the meanwhile, women’s rights activists, lawyers and politicians have reacted vehemently to the sordid episode.

Calling the governor a sexual deviant and a man who has brought shame to the office, women activists said the first citizen of Andhra Pradesh should be brought to heel immediately.

Radhika’s role in the events remains hazy as she claims that Tiwari had said that he would provide jobs to these young women, but used them for sexual favours instead.

Radhika says that Tiwari, through an official, had promised her a mining licence in Kadapa. When he did not, she chose to expose him by leaking the video clips and photos.

(Based on media reports)

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