Hate Mailer to George W Bush Awarded 57-month Term

For posting hate messages in 2006 to the then President George W Bush, IT alumnus Vikram Buddhi has been awarded a 57-month term in prison coupled with additional three years of supervised release.

Arrested in 2006, Buddhi was sentenced by senior Judge James T Moody after being convicted of making threats to Bush, the then Vice President Dick Cheney and their wives, and calling for bombings of US infrastructure.

The court said that Buddhi, 38 and Phd student of Purdue University, will have to spend an additional three years under “supervised release” under the supervision of a probation officer.

However, he can appeal a Chicago court within 10 days of this judgement. He has already been in prison since April 2006 and so these months are likely to be deducted from his sentence term.

Buddhi, who represented himself during the sentence hearing after firing his lawyer, said earlier that he was given the short end of the stick, and claimed the trial had been unfair.

Before the sentencing Buddhi submitted to the judge that he had got “ineffective assistance” of the counsel and said that it was the “gravest error of justice”.

Buddhi had yesterday fired his lawyer Arlington Foley for not discussing the case properly, and said would “involuntarily represent himself” at the hearing.

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