Gowda Slams Congress ‘Attitude’

Launching a tirade against the Congress, former prime minister and JD(S) leader HD Deve Gowda on Monday said that the UPA principal’s demeanor reeked of an attitude which, according to him, suggested that no other party was qualified to rule the country.

Speaking to journalists in New Delhi, Gowda said he could cite examples to substantiate his claims, “I can give any number of examples of their attitude in this regard like what happened to the governments led by Chandra Shekhar, Charan Singh” he said in a sharp reaction to Congress claims that suggested that a Third Front government would come crashing down over the issue of leadership.

“There need not be any doubt in this regard. It will remain united and some more secular parties are expected to join us before and after the polls,” said Gowda in attempts to allay the doubts cast over the newly formed grouping by political opponents.

He said that the Third Front would soon get a name and suggested that a common minimum programme may also soon be drafted after drawing important features mentioned in poll manifestos of the constituents.

Gowda said he had no reservations about any particular name for the Front. It is learnt that “Secular Democratic Alliance” is one of the names being considered.

He quashed theories that suggested that the Biju Janata Dal participated the Front meeting at the CPI(M) headquarters in the national capital as an observer while adding: “We have got a letter from Mr. Patnaik on his support to our Front.”

Gowda said that the Vaiko’s pro-LTTE stance would not be an impediment for the MDMK to join the grouping Front, and pointed out that the party was already a constituent of the AIADMK front in Tamil Nadu.

He claimed that Vaiko had not been invited to the meeting on Sunday, as the meeting was a national affair, and added that Vaiko had affirmed his interest in the Front provided Jayalalitha was a part of it.

Responding to queries he said due to time constraints all Front leaders would campaign for their own parties in their own states.

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