Gadkari Abuses Mulayam, Lalu; Withdraws Words Later

Creating a controversy, BJP chief Nitin Gadkari made abusive remarks against SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadava and RJP leader Lalu Prasad for not supporting his party on cut motions in Lok Sabha, but later withdrew his words, said media reports.

Addressing a party meeting in Chandigarh, Gadkari lashed out at the SP, RJD and BSP for not extending their support to NDA during cut motions in Lok Sabha, alleging that they took the step due to their ‘fear’ of CBI, reports said.

However, in a damage-control exercise later, he offered to withdraw his remarks lest two Yadavs should feel bad, said reports.

Gadkari had said that the two Yadavs ‘pretended to be lions’ but later bowed down before the CBI, reports said.

Referring to Mulayam, Lalu and BSP chief Mayawati, Gadkari said, “They are in opposition, but in reality they are hand-in-glove with Congress.”

He said that Mulayam and Lalu are ‘afraid’ of CBI and accused the investigating agency of ‘blackmailing Mayawati after which she changed her stance (on cut motion on price rise)’.

Talking to reporters later, he said, “I directly or indirectly never had any intention to (indulge in) loose talks, particularly about Mulayam Singhji and Laluji. I respect them as leaders.”

The BJP chief also clarified that his use of the words against the two Yadavs while addressing a party meeting should not be ‘taken literally as that was never my intention and it was never in my mind’, said reports.

“The Yadavs are respectable leaders. If they feel something bad, then OK, no problem, I’ll take my words back,” Gadkari said.

(Based on internet reports)

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