Friends, Family of Killed Indian Student Feel Let down by India High Commission

Friends of family of an Indian student who was stabbed to death by unidentified assailants on Saturday night in Australia have said that they feel let down by Indian government.

Nitin Garg, 21, an accounting graduate who had migrated from Punjab to work part-time at a fast food joint in Melbourne, was attacked on his way to work and died in hospital.

Garg’s friends and family in Australia feel let down by the Indian High Commission. They said that despite External Affairs Minister SM Krishna’s statement after the event that Indian will be forced to act, no one has reached out to them.

“If the attacks don’t stop, Government of India will be pushed to take other measures,” Krishna had said.

Garg’s friends in Australia now say that the authorities take no action; they will be forced to defend themselves.

“They punched him and when he fell down they kicked him in the stomach,” said victim’s friend.

“If we are to live in Australia we have to protect ourselves by ourselves. No one is going to protect us,” he added.

Police, nevertheless, said that the recent attack wasn’t a racial assault.

In its latest project, Tourism Australia has said that racial attacks on India students will lead to a drop in number of Indians coming to study in Australia this year.

The fall in numbers, will cost Australia 70 million dollars in revenue.

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