Fresh Flood Warning Issued for Vijaywada

Though most of the Andhra Pradesh, with its one of the worst flood-affected Kurnool district, is gradually coming back to normalcy, a fresh flood has been issued for Vijayawada.

There’s forecaster of heavy rains in Maharashtra and Karnatak in next 24 hours and keeping with it, a warning has been issued for Vijayawada.

There is a possibility of increase in water inflows to Prakasam barrage in Vijayawada. People in low-lying areas are being asked to move back again into relief camps.

The city is one of the worst affected place by recent floods in the state. Even now, piles of garbage are heaped up on both sides of roads in most areas. With rubbish still there, there is strong fear of an epidemic.

Many schools have extended the holidays by another week.

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