Fennell Satisfied with Delhi’s Preparations for 2010 Games

Terming all the allegations and reports on Delhi’s tardy preparations for the 2010 Games as ‘not quite accurate’, Commonwealth Games Federation chief Mike Fennell has said that the government of India is paying full attention to hosting the event successfully.

“We are coming here in the midst of many adverse reports about Delhi, reports that are not quite accurate. We have been given an opportunity to look at these reports because if things are not quite right keeping in mind the responsibility on behalf of the athletes that we represent, its is important that we get the arrangements right,” Fennell said while inaugurating the Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly in Indian national capital New Delhi.

It should be noted that the Commonwealth Games Federation chief has been quite critical in assessment of Delhi’s preparedness in the past. He now expressed hope that with the government’s backing, things will improve.

“But one conflicting fact is that attention is being paid by the government of India through (Sports) Minister M S Gill, who has given qualified assurance that all the resources that are necessary to ensure the successful celebration of the Games in 2010 will be provided by the government,” he added.

Though the organising committee claimed things were on track after an inspection by Earl of Wessex – Prince Edward, Fennel seemed far from convinced.

He said, “We will be having an inspection of what needs to be done in the style of very open debates and will discuss and come up with paths to all solutions necessary.”

These words from the CWG chief is a clear indication that the Federation will take matters into its own hands, but that also provides the best guarantee that Delhi keeps it’s date with the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

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