Failed Indo-Pak Talks Seen as Failure of Pakistani Diplomacy

Indo-Pak foreign secretary level talks held on Thursday, which failed to produce any substantial outcomes, are being seen as a failure on part of the Pakistani diplomacy in the that country, reported ANI.

Some people believed that Pakistani diplomats drew a blank to attain the target set for the talks, which resumed after a gap of 14 months, said report.

“Pakistan has failed to achieve the goals of time-and-result-oriented dialogue, the revival of the composite peace process and the resumption of talks from the pre-Mumbai attacks status. It has also failed to hand over a dossier listing evidence of Indian involvement in the Tribal Areas. While the country’s diplomats brought up the distribution of water, they failed to move India,” The Daily Times quoted an official as saying.

Though talks concluded without any ‘breakthrough’, there was no ‘breakaway’ either as both countries have agreed to remain in ‘touch’ in future also, said report.

No joint press conference or joint statement was issued following talks, suggesting that  the vacuum between the two nuclear power countries is so large that it can not vanish in just a single table talk, report said.

According to Pakistani diplomats, a joint statement could have ensured that both India and Pakistan are curious to resolve issues that have been lingering for decades between them.

“We had hoped that a joint statement would be issued to … show that the two sides are set, in earnest, to tackle their issues,” The Daily Times quoted a senior official, as saying.

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