EVMs Vulnerable, Say NGOs

With the credibility of Electronic Voter Machines (EVM) under a thickening cloud, some NGOs in Bhubaneswar demonstrated the machines’ “vulnerability to tampering” on Sunday.

Lending credibility to aspersions being cast over the machines, Jana Chaitanya Vedika vice-president VV Rao and Hari K Prasad of Netindia explained the likelihood of manipulations and insertions of pre-programmed chips in the EVMs.

Citing experts and election watch groups they said that the machines were “vulnerable to tampering,” and stressed that the use of these machines should be discontinued till they were made completely tamper-proof.

Addressing a gathering of former bureaucrats, judges, political leaders and presspersons, the speakers said that similar demonstrations had already been held in Hyderabad, Delhi, Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune.

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