Drought: Cong Ministers, MPs to Take 20pc Cut in Salaries

Expressing solidarity with those bearing the brunt of a severe drought in the country, the Congress party on Wednesday said all its ministers, members of parliament and all those drawing salaries will take a voluntary 20 percent cut in wages.

While the Congress described the move as one that reflected concern for those suffering from the severe drought, political pundits say the cut may be viewed as an attempt to take the sting off Opposition jabs over rising prices.

Announcing the decision Congress spokesman, Janardhan Dwivedi said: “All Congress members of parliament, ministers and all those drawing salaries will accept 20 percent voluntary cut of salaries.”
“Above all, the way we conduct ourselves both in our private and public life must reflect concern for those who are suffering on account of the drought,” said Dwivedi, emerging from a meeting of the Congress Working Committee to review the drought situation.

With the drought threatening to trigger a further spiral in the already high prices of essential commodities, the Congress further urged the government to maintain a strict check over prices.

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