Don’t Expect Miracles at Copenhagen, Ramesh Tells Advanced Countries

Asking developed countries not to expect miracles at the key Copenhagen climate summit in December; India has said that the goals sought for emission controls should be more “realistic”.

In New York, while addressing an audience, Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said “we must aim for low hanging fruit”, indicating that developed countries are insisting on too high control limits.

Giving a significant statement ahead of the summit, Ramesh said that India should not be singled out as the “obstructionist”, rather advanced nations should agree on realistic emission control targets.

At an event in the Columbia University called ‘India’s Road to Copenhangen’ hosted by eminent economist Jagdish Bhagwati, Ramesh said that the December summit should focus on consensus on areas such as afforestation to promote carbon sequestration, strengthening the Clean Development Mechanism and technology-sharing.

The minister said at no time, in the future, would India’s per capita emissions exceed the per capita emissions of the industrialised countries. He further pointed out that while India was in the same “negotiating ship” as China, the two countries should not be clubbed together.

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