Detention at US Airport: Shah Rukh Asks People Not to Take Issue Further

Amid furor prevailing in India over his detention at a US airport, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has asked people back home not to take the issue further, even though he maintains that the  US needs to offer “a little more warmth and speed in its processes”.

On his arrival in Houston from Chicago to attend a ‘Meet and Greet’ carnival, Khan who was earlier “inspected” at the Newark airport after he arrived from India, said that he respected the procedures the US requires incoming foreigners to follow but maintained that what he experience was “not pleasant”.

Earlier, Khan told his fans that he did not feel like stepping on US soil again. He said that while everybody loves what America has to offer “but I think it needs to offer a little more warmth and speed in its processes.”

Nevertheless, Khan requested “everyone” back home not to take the issue “further than it should be”.

“I didn’t mean it to be like this. Because I had to make a few calls to get out of that place, so I guess it became a big piece of news,” he told a news channel.

It may be mentioned that Khan, 43, was stopped and questioned at Newark airport on his arrival from India for about two hours on Saturday and was released only after the Indian consulate intervened, an incident that caused widespread anger in India with the government saying it would take up the issue with the US.

“I just like to tell people that I do understand the anger and angst and disturbance that an incident like this can cause to one’s psyche,” the actor said.

Khan said: “I think its a little grey or black and we should not spend time on this anymore.”

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