Despite Kasab’s Confession, Trial Not Likely to Conclude Soon: Prosecution

Despite Kasab’s Confession, Trial Not Likely to Conclude Soon: Prosecution

A day after Mumbai terror attacks prime accused Amir Ajmal Kasab pleaded guilty, special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has said that the trial might still not conclude soon, for Kasab’s confession in the court is only a ‘partially’ admitted crime.

Nikam said that in addition, there are other important aspects of proofs which prosecution has to adduce to bring to fore terrorist infrastructure of perpetrators of the crime and that they would not let Kasab succeed in his “motive” of escaping with lesser punishment.

“What Kasab has told the court is not the entire story. He has partially admitted his guilt,” Nikam said.

He said that it is prosecution’s discretion to further assemble evidence despite Kasab’s confession.

“Kasab has not fully disclosed his involvement. He has played with the sentiments of the common man by minimising his role in the crime and throwing responsibility on slain terrorists for the mayhem on November 26 last year,” the prosecutor said.

Kasab had earlier admitted his guilt before a magistrate but later denied his role in the November 26 terror attacks. Now he has confessed in the trial court about his participation in the terror strikes but has deviated from his earlier confession.

“He is like a joker in a circus and should not be taken seriously,” Nikam, who has handled several high profile cases including that of the 1993 Mumbai blasts in his career spanning three decades, said. scretion of the prosecution to marshal further evidence, he said.

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