Decision on Kasab’s Juvenility Today

The medical report ascertaining the Mumbai terror attack suspect Amir Ajmal Kasab’s age is expected to be released on Tuesday.

During the trial, the defense counsel had contended that Kasab was a minor at the time of terror attack and so the matter should be transferred to a Juvenile Justice Board. However, on severe objection by prosecution to the defense the special set up in Arthur Jail Road ordered a medical test to find the suspect’s age. The tests included Ossification (bone test) and dental tests.

The court had ordered the tests on April 24 during the second trial and asked for the report by April 28.

The court will rely upon medical evidence and witness testimonies to ascertain if there is any truth to Kasab’s claim that he was under 17 when the 26/11 terror attack took place. Besides, the special court had to decide the manner in which the inquiry should be conducted.

According to the court’s orders, the prosecution will examine two witnesses – a doctor who treated Kasab on the day he was arrested and the jail superintendent – to argue he was over 21 on 26/11. Both witnesses will step into the box on Tuesday.

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