CRPF Chief Says Force Will Carry out Anti-Naxal Operations with State Police

With issue of lack of coordination between centre and state forces in anti-naxal operations coming up after Dantewada attack, the CRPF has said that it is carrying out anti-Maoists operations in close consultation with Chhattisgarh police and a joint offensive will be carried out, said media reports.

“We will do our planning in close consultation with the state DGP and the state officers. We will have good coordination with them and it will be a joint plan,” CRPF Director General Vikram Srivastava was quoted as saying in reference to the intensification of the anti-Naxal operations.

The issues of coordination between state police and CRPF figured up in discussions of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram with state officials during his visit yesterday.

The minister, who maintained in a press conference that there was no lack of coordination, spared none in the close door meeting with functionaries of the two forces and asked them to show greater coordination and understanding during operations in the thick jungles of Dantewada, said reports quoting official sources.

About coordination, Srivastava said that there was no difficulty as far as the CRPF was concerned and that it ‘is as desired’, reports said.

“There is no problem in coordination. The state officers never command the field commanders. They are in touch in a coordinated way,” he was quoted as saying.

On Tuesday, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Dantewada S R P Kalluri had told media persons that the state police was not aware of CRPF movement in the jungles.

However, Srivastava said that the CRPF team which Naxals attacked on Tuesday, was on an area domination duty and the personnel put up a brave fight, said reports.

“We will contain this problem,” he was quoted as saying.

He said that the force was investing all aspects ‘very minutely’ including operational details, said reports.

“We will take suitable action,” Srivastava was quoted as saying.

On whether the personnel were killed due to some slip-up, Chhattisgarh Director General of Police Viswa Ranjan said that apparently the contingent was not able to anticipate the ambush area, reports said.

“If they had understood that this can be an ambush point, then obviously their formation would have changed. Even if some people were trapped, others would have reacted. What seems is that they were not able to read that the ambush point and the whole company walked into the (Naxal) trap,” he was quoted as saying, claiming that even the world’s best forces may not be able to react if caught in such a way.
He said in Raipur that the police was trying to reconstruct the scene and a clear picture will emerge only after talking to the injured personnel, who were currently in a state of trauma.

Ranjan said more complex operations will be launched and these could be done in various ways including a joint operation with clear demarcation of roles.

(Based on internet reports)

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