Court Rules Kasab’s Major, Says No to Provide X-Ray Plates

Ruling that Mumbai terror attack suspect Ajmal Amir Kasab was a major at the time of attack and thus it had the jurisdiction to try him, the Special Court at Arthur Jail Road rejected the defence plea to transfer his case to Juvenile Justice Board.

Special Judge ML Tahiliyani accepted the evidence tendered by jail Superintendent Swati Sathe and Dr V Ramamurthy that Kasab had informed them that his age was 21 years. Besides, he took into consideration the findings of Ossification (bone) and dental test conducted to ascertain Kasab’s age.

“I am made to believe by the witnesses examined that the accused was 21 years at the time of attack and his date of birth is September 13, as mentioned by him to jailer of Arthur Road and the doctor who examined him,” the Judge observed.

Also, the court dismissed Kasab’s plea for X-ray plates to seek medical opinion regarding his age. The special court ruled that the opportunity was given to his lawyer Abbas Kazmi earlier, but he did not opt for it.

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