Contrive Designed on Foreign Soil to Kill Kasab: Maharashtra Home Minister

Speaking on additional security measures being taken for safety of 26/11 Mumbai terror suspect Ajmal Amir Kasab, Maharashtra home minister Jayant Patil, in London, said on Wednesday  that intelligence information indicates a stratagem was hatched from foreign soil to slain him.

The minister said that the alleged plot was the reason why additional security measures, such as a bomb-proof corridor, were built in the special courtroom where Kasab is being tried.

Rakesh Maria, the police officer in charge of the 26/11 probe, was quoted as saying police had unearthed a plan, originating in Pakistan, to eliminate Kasab.

However, Maria added Kasab, a suspected member of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist outfit, has a limited know-how. “We have a limb, not the brain of the organisation behind the attack,” he said.

Christine Fair, a senior political scientist at the US think-tank RAND Corporation, said: “He is the first LeT operative (caught during) an unquestionable terrorist outrage who is absolutely Pakistani. That he was caught alive – a weird thing for an LeT operative – puts Pakistan in a very difficult place.”

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