Congress, BJP Clash Over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Muslim League Is Secular’ Remark

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is under fire from rival BJP for calling the Muslim League “completely secular” in a US event. While several BJP leaders slammed his remark as “saddening” and “very unfortunate”, Congress leaders hit back saying the ruling party was confusing Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s All India Mulsim League with the Kerala-based Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), which is in opposition in the southern state as part of the Congress-led alliance United Democratic Front (UDF).

Rahul Gandhi, during an interaction with journalists at the National Press Club in Washington DC on Thursday, claimed that the ‘Muslim League is a “completely secular party”.

Responding to a question on the Congress’s alliance with IUML in Kerala, Gandhi said, “Muslim League is a completely secular party, there is nothing non-secular about them. I think the person (reporter) hasn’t studied the Muslim League.”

Taking a shot at the BJP, Congress said the IUML was different from Jinnah’s Muslim League, which the BJP has “more love” for and whose leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah was hailed by former top BJP leader LK Advani.

The Opposition party also said that it would like to remind the BJP that Hindu Mahasabha president Syama Prasad Mookerjee aligned with Jinnah’s Muslim League to form the government in Bengal during British rule.

In a tweet, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said, “Shyama Prasad Mookerjee was in league with the Muslim League in the government in Bengal when (Mahatma) Gandhiji launched Quit India movement. SPM was singularly responsible for the partition of Bengal.” He also tagged a tweet by Congress leader Amitabh Dubey who had slammed BJP IT department head Amit Malviya for his criticism of Rahul Gandhi, saying “You’re confusing the Kerala-based IUML he is talking about with Jinnah’s Muslim League that took Savarkar’s two-nation theory to its logical conclusion.”

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