Cong Ridicules Advani’s “Strong Leader” Image

Continuing the war of words on Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Congress has ridiculed the “strong leader” of image of its prime ministerial candidate LK Advani reacting to BJP’s remarks calling Manmohan Singh a “caretaker” PM.

“Is it the sign of a strong leader that Advani distanced himself from the unpleasant decision of sending terrorists to Kandahar, is it someone who leads from the front?” Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi asked at a media briefing.

Pressing his point, Singhvi also mentioned a television interview which Advani left half way through failing to face inconvenient questions about his party colleague Jaswant Singh distributing money among the voters in his son’s constituency and entry of tainted bureaucrat Neera Yadav into the BJP.

“Is this because he cannot face the truth?” Singhvi asked.

Seeking explanation from the BJP leadership on its silence on the public sector in the party’s manifesto, he wondered if it had any programme for blind privatization by stealth.

Singhvi challenged the dismissive comment in the BJP manifesto on the NREGA and asked the rival party to state if it would like to abolish the programme which had so far created employment for 4.3 crore households.

Reacting to BJP’s promise to bring a law harsher than POTA, he challenged the party to clarify if it would incorporate those provisions that violated human rights.

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