Christian Organisations Defend Principal of Ruchika’s School

Pleading not to target Sr Sebastian, principal of Ruchika’s schoo, two human rights Christian organizations have urged the Punjab and Haryana High Court to probe the role of the Chandigarh Diocese, which runs the school.

Diocecse has maintained that no pressure was mounted on the school to expel Ruchika Girhotra after she complained of molestation by former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore.

In a joint statement, the Forum ICRA and PCLM said that the principal of the school was merely an ‘employee’ of the diocese and the real authority lay in the hands of the bishop and that the role of diocese of Chandigarh should be investigated for negligence and decision.

“Sadly, the history of this case has been about diocesan decision for more than 19 years. Although many Catholic schools have been accused of child neglect,” said JG Anthony, a spokesman for the Indian Christian for Righteous Action Forum (ICRA).

He believes that Ruchika’s case is the first trial in India in which the policies of a diocese have been put under scanner.

The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) president RL Francis said that the Chandigarh Bishop should be held more responsible than Sr Sebastian in Ruchika’s expulsion case

The Ruchika case could set a precedent for legal complains against Christian dioceses throughout India, the statement concluded.

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