Chintak Baithak: BJP Studies, Admits Reasons of Poll Debacle

On the second day of its Chintan Baithak in Shimla, the BJP has finally admitted that it faced poll debacle due to wrong slogans that did not capture the imagination of the voters and due to the projection of Narendra Modi as future prime minister of India.

The three-member Bal Apte Committee presented its report on the party’s Lok Sabha debacle at the closed-door chintan baithak of saffron party’s leadership.

The report enumerated many reasons for party’s shameful drubbing in the general elections. These reasons include:

According to Bal Apte Committee the reasons for the loss include:

•    Lack of unity among party leaders.
•    Failure to connect with youth.
•    BJP failed to corner the Congress on 26/11. Instead the party let the Congress and the media divert the issue and bring in to Kandhar issue.
•    Party’s election slogans failed.
•    Varun Gandhi’s hate speech also led to BJP debacle.
•    Projection of Narendra Modi as the future prime minister damaged the party’s prospects.
•    Campaign should have been more meticulous, synchronised and effective.
•    Personal attack on Manmohan Singh did not go well with people.
•    In Punjab the alliance partner’s attitude affected the performance of National Democratic Alliance.
•    In Delhi the BJP lost the game even before it was played.
•    In Haryana party failed to assess the popular mood.
•    Break up of alliance in Orissa at the 11th hour left the party unawares.

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