China Rules out Any Role in Kashmir; Says its Solution Upto India and Pakistan

China has said that India and Pakistan should solve the Kashmir dispute between themselves following Kashmir’s main separatist alliance told Beijing that it had a role to play in the long-running territorial feud.

Only last week, chairman of the All Parties Hurriyat Coference Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that China had a stake in peace in South Asia, especially Kashmir, for Beijing had a part of the disputed region under its control.

“I believe that China is not a party to the Kashmir conflict, but it has stakes as far as peace in the region is concerned,” said Farooq, who also said he planned to visit China soon.

The Conference comprises of organizations opposed to Indian control of parts of Kashmir, which Pakistan claims in full.

In response to a query about Farooq’s comments, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang gave no hint of any willingness on the part of his government to take up the call to become involved, a step that would definitely anger India.

“Our stance on the Kashmir issue has been consistent, that this is an issue between India and Pakistan left over by history,” Qin told a regular news conference.

“We hope that India and Pakistan bilaterally can appropriately resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue and consultation.”

Qin’s comments were in line with China’s past statements on Kashmir, and they suggested Farooq’s comments would not open the way to deeper involvement by Beijing.

It should be noted that India is generally wary of China, which has long been a close supporter of Pakistan, and Farooq’s comments could stir worry in Delhi that Beijing is seeking a bigger role in the Kashmir dispute.

India rules 45% of Kashmir and the bulk of its more than 11 million population. Pakistan has about 35% of the territory and China controls the rest.

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