China Initiates Construction of Dam on Brahmaputra

Despite Beijing’s constant denials of not constructing any dam on the side of Brahmaputra on its side, China has already started the construction work, which is known under the name of Yarlungzangbo or Yarlong Tsangpo for the Tibetans.

According to reports, the Zangmu hydroelectrical project was inaugurated on March 16 with the construction work kicking off April 2.

Nearly 1.138-billion Yuan project, it is being executed by a five-company consortium with China Gezhouba Group along with NIDR (China Water Northeastern investigation, design and research).

Huaneng Corporation, one of the most powerful Chinese firms, is financing the project.

From preliminary information available with India, the Chinese plan to have a series of five medium-sized dams along the river in the Nanshan region of Tibet at Zangmu, Jiacha or Gyatsa, Zhongda, Jiexu and Langzhen.

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