Chidambaram Draws Flak over Use of Phrase ‘Hindu Terrorism’

Speaking on internal security in Rajya Sabha, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has said that government’s anti terror campaign has turned out to be very successful and there has been considerable reduction in the troops deployment in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that in the year 2009, there were the lowest incidences of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and that troops deployment was reduced to a significant degree.

About Naxalism, the minister said that the government would talk to any organization including ULFA if they abjure violence.

Besides, he said that enough attention would be paid to restoration of interrupted academic session in Manipur, which has been influenced by the separatists’ activities.

Nonetheless, due to repeated use of world ‘Hindu terrorism’, he faced flak by Opposition BJP.

While talking about government approach towards any form of terrorism cause by any group irrespective of its religious colour, Chidambram said: “The government maintains zero tolerance for terrorism inspired by religion, may it be Islam or may it be Hindu.”

Chidambaram was immediately pointed out by BJP’s Prakash Javadekar and SS Ahluwalia and other BJP members for his repeated usage of the word of “Hindu terrorists” during his statement on internal security issue.

“When the investigation is on how could you say it would reveal the Hindu terrorists”, Javdekar asked Chidambaram over his Hindu terrorist remark.

Another BJP leader Ahluwalia questioned Chidambaram how could he generalize the entire community over an alleged act of a few individuals.

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