Chavan Condemns Pawar’s Meeting Thackeray on IPL Threat

Disapproving Union Minister Sharad Pawar’s meeting with Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray, Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan has made it clear that his government was “competent enough” to give adequate security to IPL matches, reported PTI.

“I do not think there is need to take permission from any other authority in the State… There cannot be an extra-constitutional authority,” Chavan was quoted as saying. “…The government is competent, it is the authority and there cannot be two authorities in State.”

Earlier reports had said that Pawar met Thackeray at latter’s residence ‘Matoshree’ on Sunday night and requested to withdraw his threat against Australian cricketers’ participation in the IPL cricket tourney

Chavan declined to comment on why Pawar met Thackeray on the issue, said report.

“Don’t ask me. It will be better you ask Pawar, who is a senior leader, about his motive behind meeting Thackeray,” Chavan was quoted as saying, “democratically elected government will perform its duty as expected.”

Giving a strong message to Shiv Sena, Chavan said that all security would be given and ‘any body who will try to take law in hands, try to perpetrate any violent incident, state government will take stern view and initiate legal action’, said report.

In response to a query regarding VHP’s threat to hold the release of Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘My Name Is Khan’, chief minister was quoted as saying, “Nobody can take law in hands. We will take action if somebody is giving such threats. Law will take its course, let them say whatever they want.”

About his meeting with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Chavan said that he discussed the “problems of Mumbai” with him.

Meanwhile, the NCP on Monday justified its chief’s discussion with hackeray contending that in a democracy dialogue and discussion are important.

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