Chargesheets Framed against 62 in Ahmedabad Serial Blasts Case

In the Ahmedabad serial blasts case, chargesheets have been filed against 62 accused with hearing expected to start on January 19, said reports.

In the blast, 57 people were killed and more than 150 injured on July 26, 2008.

The chargesheets were filed in the special court of Bela Trivedi. The proceedings will be carried out inside the Sabarmati Central Jail at Ahmedabad for security reasons, reported IANS.

The blasts, which were triggered in close proximity to one another begging with chief minister Narendra Modi’s constituency Maninagar, even targeted hospitals where wounded victims of the citywide explosions were being brought, highlight the extensive planning that went into it.

Out of 57 casualties, 24 were killed in the explosion that occurred at the Government Civil Hospital where injured victims of the serial blasts were being brought in. The 24 included doctors, nursing staff and even good Samaritans besides those injured in earlier blasts elsewhere.

As many as 95 accused were later identified after a countrywide manhunt. Of these 95, 3 are dead and 33 are still absconding.

The remaining 62 were present when the charges arraigning them were read out.

The charges include waging a war against the state, conspiracy, murder, attempt to murder and organising training camps to promote terror activities.

The charge sheet lists Abu Bashar as the fountainhead of the conspiracy, along with Zahid Sheikh, Qayamuddin and Abdul Razak as the masterminds.

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