Centre-State Tandem on Internal Security: Home Minister

Unveiling a two-pronged plan to tackle the naxal menace, Home Minister P Chidambaram Monday said the Centre and the states would act jointly or in tandem to defeat any threats posed to internal security.

Speaking at the convention of chief ministers over internal security, Chidambaram noted that some state governments in the northeast had allowed themselves to be pushed by insurgent groups, an action that later proved counter-productive in the ongoing fight against insurgents in the region.

While underlining the states’ resolve to combat and overcome the challenge posed by the naxalites Chidambaram said: “We will talk, we will act, we will restore order and we will undertake developmental activities.”

Explaining the two-pronged approach, he said the territories would first be brought out of naxal control and then development activities would be initiated for the betterment of the region.

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