CBI Seeks Permission for Narco-Analysis Test on Aarushi’s Father

In Aarushi murder case, the CBI has sought permission for narco-analysis test on her father, Rajesh Talwar.

Nupur Talwar, Arushi’s mother, told a TV news channels that her husband was put through a lie detector test earlier and that ‘in the interest of justice for Aarushi, we are willing to undergo narco tests as many times as the CBI wants’.

A Ghaizabad court will take up the CBI’s plea for hearing on Tuesday and decide whether Talwar should undergo narco-analysis.

Since eighteen months when 14-year-old Aarushi was found dead in her bedroom in Noida, the CBI is yet to find out the murderer.

Hours after Aarushi’s murder on May 15, 2008, her family’s domestic help, Hemraj, was found dead on the terrace.

Eight days later, the Noida police arrested Aarushi’s father, Rajesh, a dentist.  He was released in July 2008, after investigating officials admitted that there was no evidence against him.

The Noida police was accused of making so many mistakes, including arresting Talwar without any evidence, that the case was transferred to the CBI.

In June 2008, the CBI arrested three men, including Krishna, a helper at Talwar’s dental clinic, for Aarushi’s arrest. The other two men worked as domestic helpers in the Talwars’ neighbourhood.

However, three months later, all three men were granted bail when the CBI admitted it had no hard evidence against them.

The CBI claimed that in narco-analyis tests, the men implicated themselves and each other, allegedly stating that they drank together at the Talwar home hours before Aarushi was killed. However, these narco-analysis tests are not admissible as evidence in court.

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