Buta Threatens to Give up Life, but Refuses to Resign

NCSC chairman Buta Singh has said that he can defend his case without needing support from the party, a day after the Congress described him as a constitutional functionary rather than a party functionary.

He described himself as redeemer of dalits and claimed that he has served the community all through his life. On the matter of resigning, he threatened that he would “give up his life if he was asked to resign”.

“I do not think I need support of party (Congress) to defend my case. I am capable of it (defending) because I am with the truth,” he told reporters at New Delhi.

It may be mentioned that Sarajot Singh, his son, was arrested by the CBI last week in connection with demanding bribe worth Rs 1 crore from Nashik-based contractor Rama Rao Patil to close a case pending before the commission against him.

“I have saved lives of poor dalits. And for my entire life since I have been in politics, I kept on raising the issues of SCs and STs in Parliament and outside Parliament. I will not leave the work I have done throughout my life. And for this if anyone ask me to resign, I will not resign, I will give up my life,” he added.

“I have served dalits and extreme dalits. And in doing that, I caught one very big anti-dalit and an enemy of dalit. Enemies of dalits have now come together with Rama Rao Patil to finish me,” he charged.

In response to a query if he met Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Singh said, “Why do you ask me such questions? Why should I meet anyone in this matter? Should I beg? Everybody knows about my past I am working that is also known.”

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