Bush Backs India’s Claim for Permanent UNSC Berth

Former US President George W Bush has said that Indo-US Nuclear seal indicates that America recognizes India’s nuclear programme and that he backs India’s claim for a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Bush said that Indo-US nuke deal will strengthen Indian economy and that it is India’s passport to the world.

He said that during his term US foreign policy treated India as its top priority and that he saw India coming as big force long back and wanted America to pay attention.

On the topic of militancy, the former US President said that both the US and India were occupied in an ideological fight against terrorists who slay innocents.

Bush said that following 9/11 in US and 26/11 in India, the two countries got clarity to handle such acts of insurgency. The terrorist resent our vision of human rights, prosperity and peace, he added.

He said 9/11 in US and 26/11 in India gave both the nations clarity to tackle such acts of terror. The extremists hate our vision of human rights, prosperity and peace, he added.

As for India’s entry into UNSC, he said that he backs India’s claim to get a permanent berth and wants US to support it.

Talking about his relations with Prime Minsiter Manmohan Singh, Bush said, “I like your PM. He is a wise leader and really good man and I am proud to call him a friend.”

Expressing his love for India, Bush said that his life has changed after retirement, but not his love for India. “America feels special kinship with the people of largest democracy,” he said.

Bush also said that America welcomes more students from India than any other country.

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