Buddhadev Seeks Central Help to Fight Naxals

West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, who met prime minister Manmohan Singh on Monday, a day after his visit meeting with home minister, has requested the central government to keep central forces in the state for some more time for fighting Naxals.

Bhattacharjee , in particular, asked to retain central para-military forces in the trouble district Lalgarh to help provide stability.

Situated in the corner of West Midnapore bordering Jharkhand, Lalgarh is 250 kms south west of Kolkata. A massive offensive of state and police forces was launched back in June to reclaim Lalgarh from the Maoists, who had declared it a liberalized zone, one they were administrating.

The locals here have repeatedly accused the police of atrocities, while the state maintains that it is fighting the most aggressive form of Naxal terror here.

Bhattacharjee says that he has suggested that anti-Naxal operations begin soon in the areas bordering Jharkhand. He believes that these should be handled jointly by the state police and central security forces.

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