Bring Perpetrators of Mumbai Attacks to Book: US to Pak

The US has said that bringing perpetrators of Mumbai terror attacks to book is an important task for Pakistan to finish and also it needs to look into the matter of Hafiz Saeed, accused by India of masterminding the terror strikes, in addition to stopping incursion from across the border.

Robert Blake, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, noted that Pakistan has nabbed many accused in connection with the attacks and court cases have begun against them, saying: “but now it’s important to finish the task, to complete those judicial proceedings.”

At the same time, Blake made clear that Pakistan should not in any way feel ‘threatened’ by the increasing Indo-US relationship.

“I think another important issue for Pakistan is to look at is the question of Hafiz Saeed, because Saeed is subject of international sanctions, UN sanctions, as well as bilateral American sanctions,” Blake told reporters.

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