Both Houses of Parliament Adjourned for Day over Inflation

Following uproar over inflation in Lok Sabha, Speaker Meira Kumar adjourned the House for the day, reported IANS.

Furious opposition was inflexible with its demand of discussing the issue on top priority, said report.

After opposition MPs from BJP, RJD and SP demanded postponement of all other businesses of the house and acceptance of their adjournment motion for discussing inflation leading to noisy scenes, Kumar had to adjourn the house till noon, said report.

However, the pandemonium continued when the Lok Sabha met again at 12 and then Kumar adjourned the house for the day, report said.

Earlier, as the house assembled for the day, Kumar introduced Sushma Swaraj of the BJP as the new Leader of Opposition, said report.

“I extend a warm welcome to her,” the speaker was quoted as saying.

Swaraj returned the compliment to the speaker but said that she was compelled to move an adjournment motion ‘because the government has been sleeping over the price rise issue’, said report.

Report said that other opposition members shouted slogans against the government forcing the speaker to adjourn the house.

Rajya Sabha, too, was adjourned twice over price rise, second time for the day, after a perturbed opposition demanded that the issue be discussed as a ‘substantial motion’, said report.

Soon after the house assembled for the day, Leader of Opposition Arun Jaitley demanded that the issue be discussed under rules 167 and 168 which entail voting and recording of the sense of the house, said report.

With the opposition and the ruling Congress MPs engaged in verbal barracking, Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Hamid Ansari said that there had been a consensus on a discussion but not on the procedure, said report.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Prithviraj Chavan attempted to intervene but was shouted down, prompting Ansari to adjourn the house at 11.10 am till noon.

The din continued when the house reassembled and Deputy chairman K Rehman Khan called for official papers to be laid. He then adjourned the house for the day.

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