BJP Top Leadership Discussing ‘Hindutva’ in Chintan Baithak

Already faced with a dilemma over Hindutva as its core issue, the BJP is discussing the significance of ideology for the party on the second day of its three-day brainstorming chintan baithak in Shimla.

Following poll drubbing in recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, the BJP leaders are discussing in its chintan baithak as to what extent its ideology, particularly with regard to Hindutva, should be brought in practice to enhance its poll prospects.

It should be noted that the saffron party faced dilemma on the issue of ideology following its poll debacle with some factions favouring a hardline while some others pressing for soft and “inclusive” Hindutva to expand its vote bank.

According to media reports, a section of the party is of the view that dilution of Hindutva had caused confusion in the party and cost BJP dearly in the recent Lok Sabha polls.

Nevertheless, moderate sections, which yearn for winning over more allies and reaching out to non-Hindu voters also, don’t share the above mentioned view.

At its National Executive held in Delhi in June held soon after Lok Sabha elections for carrying out introspection, the BJP had insisted that “Hinduism or Hindutva is not to be understood or construed narrowly, confined only to religious practices or expressed in extreme forms.”

Then, it had contended that Hindutva was “inclusive representing the finest imprints of our cultural and civilisational ideas. This profound concept is the real inspiration for a resurgent India with which the BJP is proud to be associated.”

Of late, certain sections of the saffron party, including senior party leader LK Advani, have been arguing that party ranks should follow a tolerant version of Hindutva while maintaining its ties with RSS.

While another section, including MM Joshi, has been opposed to any dilution of Hindutva as ‘core issue’.  Recently, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat stressed the need for BJP to stay with its core ideology.

It should be noted that party has already sent out a message of assertion on the issue of ideology as it expelled senior leader Jaswant Singh from primary membership of party for praising MA Jinnah in his book.

On the first day of the Baithak yesterday, 25 top leaders of the party deliberated upon the poll results and the causes of the poor showing. The meeting held threadbare discussions on aspects like selection of candidates, campaign strategy and issues raised during electioneering.

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