BJP or NDA Will Be Nucleus of Any Non-Cong Govt: Jaitley

At a time when a hung parliament is nearly clear in sight and political parties have begun their game to garner the magic number to come to the power, BJP has ruled out any possibility of backing a Third Front government in the event of the NDA not getting the majority.  The party wants the “nucleus of any non-Congress government to be the BJP or the NDA”.

“The question of a BJP or an NDA support to a Third or a Fourth Front is a ruled out possibility,” BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley said. 

Emphasising BJP’s stand to be at the center of any coalition, he said that he saw a possibility of a non-Congress government emerging after the polls but the nucleus of any non-Congress government has to be the BJP or the NDA. 

Jailtley said that there is no Third Front possible in India as a government because a Third Front or a Fourth Front all together does not total up to more than 150 seats beyond any calculation without either the Congress or the BJP support. 

In the event of Third or Fourth Front seeking support from the Congress to form government, he said that in such a scenario the Congress would have to decide whether it wants “short term or long term gains”. 

However, it ruled out this possibility and said, “But I see the politics gradually drifting in favour of a larger non-Congress party doing better.” 

The saffron party’s chief strategist said such a non-Congress formation could not form the next government without BJP.

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