BJP Has Many with Promise for Top Post: Advani

Citing Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as a case in point, BJP stalwart and NDA prime ministerial hopeful LK Advani on Tuesday said the party had no dearth of able leaders who could rise to the top post, the BJP stalwart was speaking in Ahmedabad.

Responding to queries on the future BJP prime ministerial candidate Advani attempted to hold on to his cards and suggested that such talk was not possible in any other party.

“In our party, there is no dearth of people with the ability and caliber to rise to that level. That’s a great thing,” he said in response to queries on if Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi would be BJP PM candidate in 2014 or earlier.

Citing Chouhan as an example Advani said the leader had done “exemplary work” during his three years in office and had the potential to rise to the top, but added that he felt “very happy” when praise was showered on Modi.

Underlining the democratic system within his party, Advani said: “If in any other party somebody even just talks of prime ministerial candidates like in our party he will be hounded.”

Advani’s comments come in wake of several BJP leaders – Arun Jaitley, Arun Shourie, Vekaiah Naidu and Yashwant Sinha – saying that Modi could be the next BJP candidate for the top office.

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