BJP for Speedy Resolution of Ayodhya Issue

Breaking a prolonged silence over the matter, the Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday said it did not favour any more uncertainty over the Ayodhya issue, which has started to gain ground since it found mention in the BJP manifesto, for the Lok Sabha elections, along with uniform civil code and the abrogation of article 370.

“We are very much in favour of settlement of the temple-mosque dispute in Ayodhya through mutual consent between rival parties. If not, the BJP, in consultation with its NDA allies, will go for setting up special courts to resolve the dispute,” PTI quoted BJP president Rajnath Singh at a press conference in New Delhi.

“Our goal of communal and social harmony cannot be achieved unless the issue is sorted out amicably to the mutual satisfaction of all concerned,” he said while iterating nthat tensions between the two communities over the issue were not in the national interest.

Attempting to maintain a balance with present and prospective allies Singh, however, said that though his party was firm in favour of the three issues, their resolution depended on the BJP securing a majority on its own or consent from NDA partners.

Clarifying the party stand on Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi’s recent remarks terming the Congress an “old woman,” Singh said: “I feel, he used the simile to drive home the point that the Congress is an old party.”

Skirting controversy over Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s reservations over Modi campaigning for the NDA in the state, Singh said Modi was “touring constituencies where invited.”

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