BJP’s Opponents too Rejoice in Varun’s Release

It may sound surprising, but not just BJP, even anti-BJP parties are celebrating Varun Gandhi’s release on parole from jail, for quite another reason though – the release is expected to blow away sympathies for the young parliamentary candidate in Philibit.

Parties like SP, BSP and Congress, the BJP’s chief opponents in the said parliamentary region, feel that the saffron party would miss the boat so far as the sympathy wave generated for Varun following his detention is concerned, but rather result in the waning of the “pro-Varun euphoria”.

“We welcome his release from jail as they (BJP) will not get the sympathy vote. Earlier, some people could have voted for him after he was jailed but now even they will not vote for him,” SP’s candidate from Pilibhit Riaz Ahmad said.

Buddhasen Verma, Varun’s BSP rival, had much the same thing to say when asked about Varun’s reaping political benefit from the short imprisionment..

“He could have got sympathy votes if he had remained in jail, but there will be no such thing now,” he said.

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