BJP’s Ad Campaign Banned in Rajasthan

Acting on a complaint, the Election Commission has proscribed an audio and video advertisement campaign of the BJP which allegedly mocks at Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

According to official spokesman, State Chief Electoral Officer, Vinod Zutshi, while issuing the order, instructed the BJP and Lok Seva Sansthan to immediately discontinue the ad campaign and file an amendment advertisement for approval if desired.

Objecting to the content of the video, Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee’s (RPCC) legal cell had complained to the EC. The EC reviewed the VCDs and audio cassette and observed that there was nothing objectionable in the words used but the speech of the character was “parodied” in the audio.

In the complaint, the RPCC alleged that the BJP’s advertisements carried a caricature of Gehlot and his voice was “parodied”.

On the contrary, former BJP chief minister Vasundhara Raje, while putting up a defence of the ad campaign said that the party was doing this campaign in response to the ad campaign of Congress in last assembly polls which aimed at her and the whole women community.

However, Gehlot said it would boost poll prospects of Congress as the BJP got no other poll plank than this.

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