Bhagwat Expresses Concerns over Security, Western Development Model

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has said that despite 60 years after independence India has not been able to make its border safe because of constant meddling of its neighbours – Pakistan, China and Bangladesh.

Addressing a public rally in Bangalore, Bhagwat said that though India is extending a hand of friendship with these countries, but they were doing everything to destabilize India.

Besides, he showed apprehensions about China for its policy of upping ante over Arunachal Pradesh and extending hand of friendship on the other hand.

“Friendship on one side and enmity on the other, what kind of policy is this? But China plays this dual policy,” he said.

“China says it wants friendship with India, but does not give up its claim to Indian territory. We know what happened in 1962. We should be careful about what China says and what it does,” he added.

He also expressed his concerns over the security scenario in the subcontinent and said that India should be ready for any eventuality to protect itself from the west, north or east.

He also questioned the linguistic politics being played by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) in Maharashtra.

“All languages are of India and entire country is of Indians but it is said that no other language can be used in our province. Oath in English can be taken but not in Hindi, what kind of politics is this?” Bhagwat said.

The RSS chief also spoke about the western model of development adopted by the country, saying that it has led to lopsided growth in the country.

While noting that it was encouraging that Indian companies were acquiring firms globally, he said that incidents of farmers’ suicides could not be ignored.

Describing the western model of development as unsustainable, he said that India must develop its own model of development taking into account resources available here and people’s aspiration and psychology.

He said as long as India adhered to its ancient legacy of ensuring environmental balance, it did not face any problem.

Over consumption and exploitation of natural resources and use of science and technology to over-tap energy and natural resources had raised its own share of problems.

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