Australians “Curry Bash” One More Indian, the 16th Victim in a Month

With racist attacks continuing on Indians in Australia, one more person has recently been assaulted who claims the nature of attack as racist.

According to reports, Raza Ali Khan, a resident of Hyderabad, were confronted and attacked by two men in Melbourne when he was coming out of hair salon.

According to Raza, the men approached him and demanded money. They then hit him and ran away without taking the money.

“I was attacked after I walked out of a salon. Two men came and punched me in the face. It was racist attack because they did not take any money. Police came in after 10 minutes,” Raza told an Indian news channel from Australia.

Later, he was hospitalized. However, his condition is stated to be stable.

Police are investigating the case which is the 16th such attack on Indians in Australia in the past one month.

The Australian government has already constituted a task force to check attacks on international students in the country, especially Indians.

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