Australia Has ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy for Racial Attacks: Gillard

Stating that it has policy of “zero tolerance” for racial attacks on Indian students on its soil, Australia has denied such incidents having resulted in a decrease in number of students enrolling in universities in the country.

Julia Gillard, Australian Deputy Prime Minister, currently on Indian visit, said: “Our Government has very clearly said that it has got zero tolerance for any form of violence against Indian students or against anyone else in Australia and we pride ourselves as a multi-cultural nation.”

In an interaction with students of Lady Sri Ram College in New Delhi, Gillard tried to put to an end the seeming worries about studying in Australia in the wake of a spate of attacks on Indian students.

She said that the state governments in her country have “geared up with police crackdowns. There are now more police visible on the streets patrolling those areas where there have been problems”.

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