Attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul to Escalate Indo-Pak Tension

A US-based global think-tank has said that the recent attack on Indian embassy in Kabul which left at least 17 people dead and around 76 injured could exert renewed pressure on Pakistan to take decisive actions against terrorists using its soil against India.

In its analysis on the second attack targeted at the Indian Embassy in Kabul, the Stratfor opined: “As was the case in the 2008 attack, the October 8 bomb (attack) will likely be linked to militants based in Pakistan and there will also be likely connections made to elements within Islamabad’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate.”

Moreover, the think-tank was of the view that the strike gives “credence” to the US position “weakens” the case of the Pakistani military with regards to the Kerry-Lugar Bill.

At the same time, it said that the bombing, more importantly, has the potential of creating problems between India and Pakistan.

The attack came less than 24 hours after the Pakistani military’s central command issued a statement criticising the Kerry-Lugar Bill which says that Pakistan is a launch pad for militant groups conducting attacks in Afghanistan and India.

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