Assocham Helps, Kalmadi Announces Rs 1 Cr for Women Hockey Team

After Women’s Hockey team yesterday rejected Rs 50,000 each offered to them, the team will now receive Rs 1 crore for dues and incentives as the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) steps in to help, reported NDTV.

Assocham gave the money to the sports ministry, which made the announcement on Friday, said report, adding that Assocham chairman Vinay Rai has also given given Rs 10 lakh in his personal capacity.

After the announcement, the women hockey players told news channel NDTV that they were pleased with Sport Ministry’s decision, confirming that the ministry had agreed to pay the team Rs 1 crore.

The women hockey team was protesting against non-payment of dues to them by wearing black arm bands rather than declining to play as the men hockey team did a few days ago.

However, they made it clear that they would not accept any token amount and turned down an offer to Rs 50,000 given to them yesterday by Hockey India.

Hockey players opened a bank account and asked hockey-lovers to contribute to the cause, instead.

Team players had also sought to call on Indian Olympic Association president, Suresh Kalmadi, to discuss the dilemma they were facing due to a lack of funds.

Kalmadi made the announcement of giving the team Rs 1 crore on early Friday after collecting the money for the team.

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