Arunachal Pradesh Very Much Part of India, Says Rahul

Two days after China’s protest against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh, congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has said that the state is very much part of India.

Talking to reporters in Ranchi, Gandhi said that Arunachal Pradesh is an Indian state just as Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand etc and his attitude towards all states is the same and it would not be changed.

“For me Arunachal Pradesh is like any other state. It does’nt make any difference,” he said.

He made this statement while answering to the query as to how he would reinforce the Youth Congress in Arunachal when China was objecting to the Prime Minister’s visit there.

Gandhi did not reply to another question on how ties with China would improve when Beijing was raising such an objection.

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