Arunachal Congress Demands Improved Surveillance over China

Amid escalating war of words between India and China on border issue, the Congress party’s Arunachal Pradesh unit has demanded “improved infrastructure” in the state to ensure better surveillance over Chinese activities.

Takam Sanjoy, Congress MP from the state Takam Sanjoy, said that no forces on earth can alienate Arunachal Pradesh from India and sought a review of India’s “defence strategy” for the eastern sector.

He said that there have been several incursions by the Chinese forces into the state in recent months, requesting that Centre should strengthen the existing infrastructure in the forward locations to ensure better surveillance and preparedness.

Needless to mention, China’s objection to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s recent visit to Arunachal led to a war of words between the two countries.

Angry over Chinese objection on Sing’s visit, India objected to China’s engagement in projects in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and asked it to stop such activities taking a “long-term view” of India-China relations.

The Arunachal West MP said that Chief Minister Darjee Khandoo and parliamentarians from the state will meet the Prime Minister on Monday to demand better infrastructure in the bordering state.

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