Army Confirms Breach of Indian Air Space by Chinese Choppers

The India Army has said that China breached the Indian air space with its copters entering in Leh and Jammu and Kashmir. However, it has said that there is nothing alarming in it.

“It has happened. That is confirmed. But there is nothing alarming in it. I have given a written reply and that is the correct version,” Army Spokesperson Northern Command, Colonel Kachari, was reported as saying by PTI.

According to reports, two Chinese helicopters infringed the Indian air space in the recent months in Leh. The choppers air-dropped some canned food in a barren land at Chumar, northeast of Leh, along the border on June 21.

Residents living along the Pangong lake reported the MI series helicopters in the air.

It should be noted that that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has been crossing over into the Indian side in this region quite frequently with August reporting the maximum number of incursions. In August this year, Chinese patrols have entered into the Indian territory 26 times and walked away with petrol and kerosene meant for jawans of the border guarding forces. The Chinese Army had made 223 attempts last year and left tell-tale signs.

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